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In accordance with the Texas Conference policy Scenic Hills Christian Academy is now closed from March 16th - 20th. Please see the following link. Teachers are in the process of preparing... Read More
It's hard to believe that the Biology Trip has already come and gone. Last week the high school got to spend a week at Big Bend National Park. A state treasure here in Texas and unique biological ecosystem. The biology class got to study multiple... Read More
We are blessed to be part of the most diverse church in the world! At Scenic Hills Christian Academy we celebrate the diversity we enjoy in our student body. Students and families from all over the world got to show a taste of their culture. While... Read More
The students at Scenic Hills Christian Academy displayed their talents this afternoon. They did an amazing job of putting the Christ in Christmas! From Pre K to 11th grade we have an amazing wealth of talent. Thank you students and teachers for... Read More
Today we took the morning to visit the San Antonio Food Bank and sort food items for families in need, over 900 pounds of food was sorted potential feeding over 2000 people! The kids were praised for being one of the best behaved high school groups... Read More
Today marks the end of dissections for the Biology class. In the last two weeks with an emphasis on project base learning and the flipping the class we explored arthropods, cnidarians, vertebrae, chordates the class dissected large grasshoppers,... Read More
Mr. Dickerson came in this morning to find his office decorated for his birthday in "The Office" themed celebration!