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Being the fun loving guy that I am, I am regularly joking and teasing the middle school and high school students about their social media usage. I tell them they are the “Tik Tok University” generation, as in, a lot of their so-called knowledge... Read More
As I am sure most of you know, I am the father of two toddlers. Most of my evenings are filled with lots of noise. In fact, most of the time it is very loud noise; noises of joy, noises of anger, noises of happiness, and sometimes noises of... Read More
All things work together for good. The bible says it but sometimes it doesn’t seem to be visible to us. We look around at the world and ask why? That’s probably my son’s favorite question as a three-year-old. He has recently been studying the story... Read More
Psalms 29:11 The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. As the person who does most of the tours at the school, one of the questions I get asked alot is, “What is different about your school?” This... Read More
There’s a story in the Bible when God’s people, the Israelites, had increased to such a number that it terrified the Egyptian pharaoh. Out of fear that the nation would join Egypt’s enemies and fight against him, he ordered “slave masters over them... Read More
In my previous school, I worked in a low socio-economic community that was classified as at risk. It was an environment where all 135 faculty members — teachers, administrators, learning specialists, aides, special educators, psychologists, social... Read More
Everything around us is skewed to an idea about identity. Vote for this person, buy this, watch this, spend time doing that, etc. We live in a world with “ad sense”, where our interests appear to us as consumer goods, and where outside influencers... Read More
When I was about four years old, my mom and I were living in Oahu. It was a gorgeous island with palm trees, mountains, sandy beaches, and a breeze that carried a wonderful mix of scents: plumerias at every street corner, ripe mangoes, the salty... Read More
When I was a kid, I never dreamed that I would like gardening as an adult. I really only remember two things about gardening when I was younger. First, I remember eating tomatoes and cucumbers out of my parent’s garden in the backyard. Second,... Read More
The faintest light from the rising sun gently cascades through my window -- a gradual sun-fall. It is followed by the melodic tune of birds that chirp away the entrance of morning dawn. I watch the hues of golden yellow roll in and drink in this... Read More
This week, I shared a story with our teachers about my soon-to-be three year old son. Several hours after I read him some passages from the book of Psalm, he asked me “Dad, what is the Bible trying to tell us?” He had clearly been thinking about... Read More
In accordance with the Texas Conference policy Scenic Hills Christian Academy is now closed from March 16th - 20th. Please see the following link. Teachers are in the process of preparing... Read More
It's hard to believe that the Biology Trip has already come and gone. Last week the high school got to spend a week at Big Bend National Park. A state treasure here in Texas and unique biological ecosystem. The biology class got to study multiple... Read More
We are blessed to be part of the most diverse church in the world! At Scenic Hills Christian Academy we celebrate the diversity we enjoy in our student body. Students and families from all over the world got to show a taste of their culture. While... Read More
The students at Scenic Hills Christian Academy displayed their talents this afternoon. They did an amazing job of putting the Christ in Christmas! From Pre K to 11th grade we have an amazing wealth of talent. Thank you students and teachers for... Read More