Big Bend Biology Trip

It's hard to believe that the Biology Trip has already come and gone. Last week the high school got to spend a week at Big Bend National Park. A state treasure here in Texas and unique biological ecosystem. The biology class got to study multiple ecosystems in Big Bend. A total of about 24 miles were hiked over the week. The Hikes included the Window View, Grapevine Hills, Lost Mine, Pinnacles, Colima, and Laguna Meadows Trails. The students collected data at each hike studying the variety of plants and animals at each hike. There were a variety of ecosystems at each hike, which makes Big Bend so unique in that you can visit a desert one day and a lush forest the next. The students camped out in tents and cooked meals on site. There was a lot of adventure and hard work and community building. Not every day you can say you slept among the bears and tarantulas and are able to wake up and see the Milky Way Galaxy spiral arm. Just one of those things that makes Scenic Hills Christian Academy such a unique educational experience. Here we go beyond the textbooks and go out and experience nature.