Scenic Hills COVID Plan 2020-2021

Disclaimer: All of the following information is based on what we are currently hearing from state and local authorities, but is subject to change based on any new laws or procedures enforced by the state of Texas, NISD, or the NAD.

The following are efforts to help with the prevention and possible future shut down due to COVID 20/21.

At this time, Scenic Hills Christian Academy plans to operate on campus, with restrictions and precautions in place, during the 2020-2021 school year. We feel that it is in the best interest of the parents and students that we formulate and release a COVID operational plan to the public before the upcoming school year.

Training: At the beginning of the year, students will be receiving virus mitigation training which will include how to minimize the spread of viruses in our school. This will cover new policies about hallway etiquette, classroom behavior and new measures to minimize physical contact throughout the school.

Touch Free Procedures: The school will be implementing a no-touch door procedure. All interior doors will remain open throughout the school day. Dots showing students where to line-up and walk will be placed in hallways to encourage social distancing in order to minimize contact. All outdoor and sports activities will be done in a distanced format. Touch-free hand sanitizer stations will be placed in the halls of the school.

Distancing In Classroom: Desks will be placed at the maximum distance allowable in each classroom. Small groups will include distance seating when possible. Students will be strongly encouraged to stay at their own desk areas whenever possible.

Classroom, Bathroom, & School Sanitation: We will be adding surface sanitation to our regular professional cleaning procedures each day. In addition, classroom surfaces will be disinfected 3x per day. The same procedure will be done in the bathrooms, and will include additional sanitation.

Updated Sickness Policy: Due to the issues surrounding COVID, we are updating our sick policy. Students will be scanned quickly for temperature upon entering the school. All students with fevers will not be admitted to school that day. Students who have had an illness will need to receive a doctor's note in order to return to school.

Quarantine Procedures: Ifa student becomes sick at school, they will be taken to the sick room with all of their school work and personal items. Their desk area and common surfaces will immediately be sanitized.

Pick-Up Procedures: In order to increase speed and minimize contact, parents will park in the parking lot in newly numbered parking spaces. Students will then be walked to their car, and any additional parents will be waiting in line until a numbered space becomes available. This should allow for both faster pick-up and serve to lessen contact for those who desire it. Some spaces will be reserved for mothers with infants. All spaces will be first come, first serve.

"Catch Up" Education Support: The first quarter of 2020-2021 school year will be focused on reteaching and remediation in order to ensure the students catch up as much as possible to grade level. While some additional instruction will happen, the focus will be on academic recovery from the effects of COVID.

In Case of Partial or Complete School Closure

In case of partial closure: One of the possible options to help combat a second COVID outbreak is staggered live education. This idea is primarily used to minimize group size and direct contact with others. If that were to be mandated by the state of Texas, the following procedure would apply

Staggered School Scheduled:Monday/Wednesday Students
Tuesday/Thursday Students
Tri-Part Digital Model:Live broadcasted instructions/recorded classes/written instructions
Homework:Modified homework load
Devotional/Bible Study:Daily devotional and weekly small group Bible study
In the case of a complete closure:Live digital instruction
Instruction:9 AM - 1 PM core class live instruction
Built-in breaks and supervised homework time
1 PM = 3 PM Supplementary live classes in the afternoon art/music/PE
Curriculum:All books available digitally online
Paper packets of weekly work available
Optional weekly drop-off of paper packets
Or - Digital submission available
All assignments for the week listed online Monday
Tri-part Digital Model:Live broadcasted instruction/recorded classes/written instruction
Homework:Modified homework load
Devotional/Bible Study:Daily devotional and weekly small group Bible study