Jorge Gandara

Role: High School Science

Growing up in Plano Tx, where he became a Christian in high school. He has a passion for science and the Bible. "It is here in the details of creation that Christ our Maker and Savior harmoniously meet and give us a greater picture of Gods love for us." This is the driving perspective each class he teaches.

He served as a missionary to Ebeye Marshall Islands, Fiji, Mexico, and Haiti where he's learned to put his faith into practice on a global level.

Jorge recently moved from Seattle with his wife Judy and dog Jurker. They have a 10 month old son Jordy, who was born here in San Antonio!

He has a strong emphasis on applied, hands on science. Science is something to be experienced. And with a flipped classroom and project base teaching style, students are able to use class time to enrich their knowledge of science and not just listen to a lecture.

Feel free to try out his YouTube educational channel where videos are added weekly.

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